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Educational-ToolThis project is about how the media tools of the twenty-first century, in particular the engagement with videogames, influences how youth transition into adulthood, and the impact videogames has on their development as civically engaged members of society. The Blended Gaming website will develop a community of youth, adults, parents and teachers who will explore the potential for democratic/civic engagement among future citizens who engage with video gaming and the communities it spawns.

Working in collaboration with youth participants, we will have the opportunity to explore the impacts of videogame play on the ways that youth develop as adults, and how these in social and educational environments can encourage more critical civic engagement.

This site is set up to create a hub to explore how youth and adults are critically engaging with videogames that they choose to play for their own pleasure, and whether these engagements are enabling or disabling the potential for democratic/civic engagement among future citizens.

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